Bill Kamula

Bill Kamula is a Chef Instructor/Tea Sommelier at George Brown College in Toronto, where he developed the curriculum for Tea Sommelier training and for Coffee Studies. In addition, Bill created all the course content for both programs and has been teaching Tea Sommelier training courses (8) since the inception of this training in Canada in 2007. 

Bill is also co-President of the Tea Guild of Canada, a founding organizer of the Toronto Tea Festival, a retired Barrister & Solicitor and former lecturer for York University.  With his resume of diverse experiences and vast knowledge, combined with a quit wit and generous heart, one will be hard pressed to find a Tea Sommelier in Canada who has not in some way been touched by Bill’s contribution to tea culture and education.

The London Tea & Kombucha Festival is proud to feature Bill’s exclusive tea talk in the Wolf Performance Hall (see schedule for times).

What’s In The Pot: A Personal Exploration of the Yixing Tea Pot

Join Bill for a session discussing his journey to Yixing County China as he tries to answer the question, why zisha ware has been so prized by tea drinkers for 500 years? Examine the history, the manufacture, the philosophy, and the artistry of these extraordinary pots.