Michelle Pierce Hamilton

Michelle Pierce Hamilton is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Certified Canadian Tea Sommelier.  A teacher and facilitator at heart, Michelle is a faculty instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and was formerly instructor of the Canadian Tea Sommelier Certification Program at London’s Fanshawe College. Nutrition as her foundational passion, Michelle remains current on the latest research on tea and human health and is a collaborator in new tea & nutrition research with Montana State University.

Michelle is the owner and founder of beTeas Inc. and The Tea Lounge in London Ontario, which specializes in exceptional, ethically sourced, whole leaf teas and tisanes with a focus on farm-direct as much as possible.  Michelle frequently offers classes and workshops that educate on tea, nutrition and healing arts, emphasizing quality tea as an important nutritional tool and doorway to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The London Tea & Kombucha Festival is proud to feature Michelle’s exclusive tea talk in the Wolf Performance Hall (see schedule for times).

The Health Benefits of Tea: What’s True and What’s Not

The most common question of consumers is which tea is the healthiest? The answer to this is not what most people expect, and unfortunately a majority of tea sellers get it wrong.  Join Michelle for an overview of the most common misconceptions about the health benefits of tea across white, green, oolong, black and puer.