Raelene Gannon

A certified Tea Sommelier, one of the first 15 in Canada, Raelene is truly an expert in all things tea, including countries of origin, ceremonies, manufacturing and in particular, tea menus, food pairings and recipe development. Her passion in tea blending has enhanced her understanding of how different ingredients go together to blend into the best cup of tea. Her on line course in tea blending is available at http://www.feedinstitute.ca/courses/the-art-science-of-tea-blending with other on line courses coming soon.

Merging her professional background in the chocolate, gift, confection and food service industries with the expertise in tea, Raelene brings her vast marketing, sourcing and retail operational experience along with her unique business acumen all together to inform, entertain, inspire and empower you to be the best you can in the tea business.

Tea, is Raelene’s terroir, the place from which she blooms subject to the influences of her passion, creativity and boundless energy. To taste her tea and to try her recipes, is to discover a flavourful, health-giving and modern take on tea.

tea and all its splendour embodies Raelene Gannon’s knowledge, passion and ‘taste’ in tea. The limitless variety of types, blends, flavours and aromas offers ample opportunity for Raelene to develop unique tea combinations not available in the conventional tea bag market.

Her cookbook, tea: from cup to plate was released Feb 1, 2015.


The London Tea & Kombucha Festival is honoured to welcome Raelene to offer a very special Skill Building WorkShop opportunity to experience Introduction to Tea Blending.

PLEASE NOTE: Skill Building Workshops have limited seating and require purchase of a workshop ticket. Attendees must have general admission to the Festival, as well as a workshop ticket to attend this workshop.

Come and enjoy a hands on tea blending experience with Canada’s foremost innovator in tea blending and certified tea sommelier, Raelene Gannon. Bring your palate and your enthusiasm as Raelene’s classes are always full of energy, information and fun!