Sorlie Madox and Helen Kong

Sorlie Madox
Sorlie Madox is a dynamic artist and instructor that will challenge your experience with Japanese Tea and Chanoyu in ways you never expected. Sorlie first began learning Youkenryuu School of Tea while on an exchange to Kyoto, attending Japanese Studies at the University of Toronto. Following graduation, Solie continued this study while living in Japan due to a desire to better understand the tools she was interacting with. This led to further study in ceramics at both Fleming College and OCAD. Sorlie’s thesis work at OCAD involved outfitting a vintage boot box with a complete set of tea gear. This inspired her to explore the creation of similar portable tea sets that would enable one to enjoy Chado outside of the confines of a conventional tea room. Now that she is in wheelchair, she has noticed that there are almost no traditional tea spaces where she can pursue the Way of Tea. Through her partnership with Secret Teatime, Sorlie has been able to take Chado outside the tea room and into accessible spaces indoors, or out. In this way a tea space becomes wherever you seek connection through the Way of Tea.

Moon Ying Helen Kong
You could say Helen found her calling through tea. A ceramicist, jeweler and ongoing student of Chado, Helen is a graduate of OCAD’s Material Art and Design. She first trained as a jeweler and metalsmith; however, subsequent study of Chado while living and working in Japan changed her path. Helen founded Secret Teatime, a studio space focused on making ceramic teaware, and hosting workshops that help others make functional teaware. Helen believes that a ritual and mindfulness can be applied to almost any set of repeated tasks, where they encourage people to shed what weighs them down and focus on a moment of connection. Enjoying the act of making or drinking tea, or the act of molding clay with one’s hands: these are the moments that lift us up.

The London Tea & Kombucha Festival is honoured to welcome Helen and Sorlie to offer a very special Skill Building WorkShop opportunity to experience Chado: Tea & Mindfulness.

PLEASE NOTE: Skill Building Workshops have limited seating and require purchase of a workshop ticket. Attendees must have general admission to the Festival, as well as a workshop ticket to attend this workshop.

Founders of Secret Teatime, Sorlie Madox and Helen Kong will do a brief demonstration of Chado (茶道)The Japanese Way of Tea, and talk about the history, philosophy, and how it can be applied to other teas and everyday life. Helen will demonstrate the basic Bonryaku Temae (盆略手前) a tray tea procedure. It is the most basic yet most versatile out of the many procedures in serving matcha. It is something that can be applied to steeped teas by just switching the tea wares or other daily activities that can be made into a mindful ritual.